Jeremiah Neal


Emma Larkin

Jeremiah Neal shoots a free throw against the Wild Cats.

Lily Hente, Staff Writer

One of this week’s players to watch is junior Jeremiah Neal. He dominates the court for the boys varsity basketball team. Although it is his first year here at St. Dominic as a transfer, Jeremiah has dominated the court. 

Jeremiah started playing basketball at the young age of three through a program with his father. Ever since, his love for basketball has continued to grow. He has learned what it takes to be a good leader on and off the court. 

“Being a good leader is being able to step up and handle any type of situation while remaining calm,” Neal said. 

Jeremiah has not attended St. Dominic his whole high school career. Before moving to O’ Fallon, Neal attended Metro East Lutheran High School where he was a part of the basketball program as well. This is our first time seeing him on our court and he has not disappointed. Neal helps lead the team to success. 

This success has allowed Jeremiah to experience new opportunities which will definitely influence his career in the future. Although the season has been inconsistent, they are inching toward improvement. To do so, the team needs to work together as a unit. 

Jeremiah hopes to continue his basketball career at SIUE and eventually work towards the professional level. To achieve his goal, Neal needs to keep up the great work and keep inspiring others on the court and in the classroom. 

Be sure to come out and support the varsity basketball team at their games!