Anna Burcham


Emma Larkin

Anna Burcham stands tall on defense against the Wilds Cats.

Earning second place in the annual St. Dominic winter tournament is just the start of the varsity girls basketball team’s success.  The girls have been working hard all season but one player in particular stands out. 

Starting point guard, Anna Burcham, has been captain for two years now but has really stood out this year as a senior leading the season.  

“As a senior and captain, I feel a lot more eyes on me than I ever have before. I have done my best to embrace this, always being a role model on and off the court. I always try to uplift my teammates during games and practices,” Burcham said.

Anna leads her team in assists with an average of 3.2 per game. Her ability to help her teammates get open and make the shots needed to win is what makes her such a selfless leader. 

“On our team, everyone has a role. As the point guard, my main job is to handle the ball and get it to my teammates. I am very thankful to be a part of such a skilled team who can make plays when I pass them the ball,” Burcham said.

Anna’s strongest attribute as a player is her confidence. It’s no shock that someone in her position would have confidence, but the way she displays herself on the court gives the team the boost they need to reach success. 

“I try to display a balance between confidence and humility. Coach Wilmes teaches us that we must be confident in order to be successful, and at the same time humility is a large part of being a leader on such a large team,” Burcham said. 

With so much left in the season and playoffs just around the corner we can’t wait to see what Burcham and the team can do. The girls’  next game is away on Thursday against Francis Howell Central at 7 pm. Be there to cheer them on!