Back To Essentials School

The new school year can be exciting, but stressful especially for freshmen. To make sure you are fully prepared for the year, the list below can help you out. 


Money may not be at the top of your back to school list, but it comes in handy often. You can stop by the vending machines when you get hungry in between classes or if your card is empty you can always have a backup. There are also times during family time that you’re asked to donate, so having a little extra cash can be a life saver throughout the year. 


Have you ever got the feeling that your breath stinks? Happens more often than you think, especially after breakfast bar or lunch. Instead of walking around feeling uncomfortable for the rest of the day, grab some gum out of your bag and fix your problem right away. 

Folder and Expandable 

Even though iPads are used for almost everything, all tests and some assignments are still on paper. Having folders or an expandable will keep your backpack clean and organized. You will never lose your assignments with an expandable.  


School approved sweatshirts are key anytime of the year. The school’s temperature is always different no matter what hall you’re in or the temperature outside. A sweatshirt will give you an extra layer when it is cold and can be taken off when you need to cool down, as long as you have a uniform polo underneath. 


Though the only technology you are required to have for school is your Ipad, there are other things you need to make your life easier.

Apple Pencil

With all the notes you take online, being able to write them down with a pencil instead of your finger will make your notes much easier to read. Apple pencils are especially key in classes like math and science where equations are used and showing work is mandatory. 


Just like the Apple Pencil, a keyboard will help you in more of your English classes when you need to write essays and papers that are longer than a couple of paragraphs. 


Everyone forgets to charge their iPad at least once or twice, so bringing a charger to school is a no brainer. You can also help out your classmates and maybe even a teacher when they forget. 


When used appropriately headphones can be your best friends. During study hall or free time in class headphones can help you focus on an assignment or chill out during a stressful day. 

With everything on this list, you should be prepared for the year. If you study hard and stay on top of your work, you’ll do great!