Prepping to Perform

Everyone preps for rehearsals and the show  in different ways as the final performances near!

Mrs. Findley

Everyone preps for rehearsals and the show in different ways as the final performances near!

The cast of You Can’t Take It With You has had a busy week of rehearsal leading up to the final performances. With this comes plenty of time for the actors to develop their own personal routines in the midst of all the stress and preparation.

Sitting in the audience or watching the finished product through the livestream can make the performance seem like such an easy task. However, much more goes into a play than meets the eye. Not only do the cast and crew spend countless hours rehearsing on stage, but this rehearsal process turns simple things like getting dinner or having a minute to themselves into pretty difficult tasks.

Despite all of this, actors still somehow manage to relax at any chance they get. Freshman Evan Wunnenburg, who plays Donald in the show, has certainly found what works best for him in times of stress.

“Usually, I eat anything that my mom cooks for dinner. I’m not a daytime napper, so I usually lay back and relax in my recliner and watch a couple episodes of The Office,” Wunnenburg said.

He also mentioned how it can be stressful at some moments, but that the final payoff is well worth the extra hassle.

“It can be hard to find free time sometimes, but the show makes it worth it. I am thrilled to be part of You Can’t Take It With You! I love all the wonderful and talented people that are a part of this show, and it is truly an honor to be part of such a wonderful family,” Wunnenburg said.

Another member of the cast, junior Caroline Cunningham, has a specific tradition before performances. She plays the Grand Duchess Olga Katrina in both casts of the show, and she makes sure to eat like “royalty” before heading over to the PAC to get dressed up like actual royalty.

“Before a show, I normally get Dairy Queen with one of my friends. I also have to spend a lot of time curling my hair in order to fix it for the show,” Cunningham explained.

Sometimes simple isn’t always a bad thing, and this can certainly be said for senior Emily Baird, who plays Penny Sycamore in the Skyrocket Cast. Pre-show jitters can be squashed however necessary, it doesn’t have to be a big production!

“My pre-show ritual is taking a nap on the couch for about an hour, and then going to Jimmy Johns before coming back to listen to old Disney Channel songs,” Baird said.

Regardless of the crammed schedules, it seems like all of the actors in the show manage to find time to chill, relax or at least pick up something to eat. Be sure to tune in to the show this weekend, as both casts perform!