Player to Watch: Bella Connell


Bella Connell facing off in the draw against Parkway South.

Lily Hente, Staff Writer

This week’s player to watch is junior Bella Connell. Bella is a stellar lacrosse player, who dominates the field. She has been on varsity since freshman year, and does not disappoint her coaches and teammates.

Bella has been playing lacrosse for five years now, for a club team called 410 West. Ever since walking out on the field for the first time, Bella knew this is something she wants to do forever. 

“I love lacrosse, it is something that makes me happy and I never get tired of it,” Bella said. 

Bella is a beast out on the field, and it shows through her performance. With 37 points just in six games, there’s no doubt that she puts the work in, especially during the off season.

“I lift every single day alongside doing sports training,” Bella said. 

None of that success could be possible without her role model, her old club coach. With so much time being spent together, it is important to grow a healthy relationship with your teammates and coaches. Having that close bond will bring the best out in each other, and bring in success.

“My biggest role model was my first coach, she not only shaped me as a player, but as an individual,” Bella said. 

Without her role model, Bella would not have learned to be the leader she is today. She was always taught to stay positive and try to bring the best out of everyone. Those are just some of the few characteristics that she meets. Without her cheerfulness and drive to be better, who knows where she would be today.

“On and off I am a team player, who pushed my friends and teammates to their fullest capabilities,” Bella said.

Be sure to come out and support the St. Dominic girls lacrosse team and watch Bella run the field!