Heavy Hitters


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SDHS’s very own heavy hitters, Anna Kohmetscher and Kayla Robertson

The St. Dominic Girls Volleyball program is starting off very strong. With an 9-2 record, there’s no doubt they will make it far this season. Junior Kayla Robertson and senior Anna Kohmetscher are two major players on the volleyball team. Both girls have put in tons of hard work over the years to get where they are today on the court. 

Anna Kohmetscher is a necessity on and off the court. With her constant positivity and high spirit, she definitely shows great leadership.

“I have a role on and off the court to help my team not only by scoring points, but by keeping everyone’s spirits high,” Kohmetscher said. 

Along with being a great leader, Kohmetscher is a stud on the court. Spending everyday either in the weight room or on the court for open gyms is paying off.  

“I work hard to be someone underclassmen could look up to this season,” Kohmetscher said. 

Having court awareness and a good mentality makes up about 90% of volleyball. Without the strong mentality, a team can crumble in seconds. St. Dominic Volleyball is a great example of a program building knowledge and awareness for its players. 

“They have very strong fundamentals and court knowledge,”  Varsity head coach Courtney Bland said. 

Both outsides, Anna and Kayla, are ready for the tough games ahead.

Kayla Robertson is a beast out on the court. She is an outside hitter who will not disappoint this season. Growing up, Robertson played for the Dominic feeder program, and Core STL which taught her the fundamentals and court knowledge needed to be a reliable player. Along with the Core experience, Robertson dedicates her time to High Performance Volleyball club, personal training and privates. 

“I have high level experience that I bring on the court,” Robertson said. 

To be a great player and teammate, you need two things: court awareness and leadership. Robertson brings both to the court along with her confidence and inspiration to teammates. 

Through the support of her coaches, teammates and parents, Robertson has decided to continue her volleyball career playing Division One volleyball at Kansas State University after high school.

Both Kohmetscher and Robertson work hard everyday, along with the rest of the varsity team. Showing support at the games and cheering the whole team on will lead to a very successful season!