Player to Watch: Grant Richars

Grant Richars making a smooth play at shortstop last season before his injury

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Grant Richars making a smooth play at shortstop last season before his injury

Grant Richars’ senior baseball season is expected to be one for the books. The Coastal Carolina commit is playing his fourth and final season for the Crusaders this spring and is planning to have a phenomenal comeback season.

Richars went to CBC high school his freshman and sophomore years of highschool but transferred to St. Dominic at the start of last year. His junior year, Richars tore his UCL in his right elbow. Unfortunately, this common baseball injury required “Tommy John”. 

Richars suffered the injury pitching in a game against Christian last year, and not realizing he was hurt, he played for the duration of the game. Richars continued to bat for the Crusaders until the surgery that left him benched for 9-12 months. 

Despite the long road to recovery, Richars feels confident about the upcoming season and believes this injury has taught him a valuable lesson.

“I’m on track to come back stronger than I left, which is a huge confidence booster as a player. I’ve learned a lot on my way back to playing which will make me a better baseball player in the long run,” Richars said.

He started the season off well, both at the plate and on the mound. Richars has a 0.500 batting average, and a 0.850 on base percentage. 

“I’m just trying to hit the ball hard and it’s working really well for me. Staying focused and having the goal of hitting the baseball hard has kept me disciplined,” Richars said.

The Division 1 commit has also earned a 0.00 run average in his few innings pitched so far. 

“It’s always nice having a good start after an injury. It’s given me the opportunity to get the jitters of not throwing in a while out of the way and allowed me to be a little more comfortable.”.

While Richars is getting back into the swing of things, the varsity boys baseball team has a busy schedule over the next few weeks. Check out the bulletin to see upcoming games and be sure to go out and cheer on Richars and the rest of the team!