Player to Watch: Jared Lueddecke


Jared Lueddecke

Jared Lueddecke playing for his club team, Sting

This week’s Player to Watch, we’re featuring junior ice hockey player Jared Lueddecke. Although this is his first year playing hockey for St. Dominic, Lueddecke has an extensive repertoire when it comes to the sport. Lueddecke has already made a name for himself in just the first game of the inaugural season and isn’t looking to slow down.

I think that we have a large task on our hands but with the right heart and work ethic I think we can truly succeed

— Jared Lueddecke

Lueddecke found his passion for hockey at a very young age, taking skating lessons when he was just four years old. When he first realized hockey was definitely something he wanted to try out, the idea never left him.

“When I was young, my favorite thing to do was go into my basement and pretend to be a hockey player. One day my parents asked me if I would like to take skating lessons. I was playing competitive hockey by the age of seven,” Lueddecke said.  

From there Lueddecke would continue on to play for a handful of club teams before playing in high school. He started playing for the St. Peters Spirits Hockey Club. From there, he moved up to play with their traveling team, the St. Louis Sting, where he competes in the spring and fall.

“I probably favor club more than high school, mostly because of the speed and skill, the overall pace is just more heart pounding than high school,” Lueddecke said.

With these club teams, Lueddecke has accomplished some amazing feats in the sport, winning many tournaments and awards. Lueddecke has no doubt proved that he is a force to be reckoned with on the ice.

“My favorite experience with hockey was winning the Blue Note Cup in 2019. It was just a moment that I will never forget,” Lueddecke said.

Aside from his incredible experiences with his club teams, Lueddecke’s high school hockey career has been nothing short of interesting. He actually played on Duchesne High School’s JV hockey team while he was a freshman here at St. Dominic. During his sophomore year he transitioned to play on the Fort Zumwalt South team.

“It has been a little difficult going from team to team, especially not knowing if I’m going to have an opportunity to play varsity the next year and also taking the risk of changing teams,” Lueddecke said.

Although this is the first year for the St. Dominic hockey team, Lueddecke could not be more excited to play for his school. He is already loving being on the team and being able to grow closer with his teammates and fellow classmates.

“The highlight of my career was the first St. Dominic game. It was just an unreal experience to score the first ever goal and get four more on top of that was an awesome experience,” Lueddecke said.

The Crusaders had their first official game last Sunday, November 7 and dominated the rink winning 6-1 against Timberland. Four of those goals were scored by Lueddecke.

“I feel like our first game was a real breakthrough moment for us as a team. I was honored to be named captain and provide leadership. The team has grown closer,” Lueddecke said.

With all the buzz surrounding the new team and their obvious skill, there is no doubt what the question on everyone’s mind is. How will the team continue on throughout the season?

“I think that we have a large task on our hands but with the right heart and work ethic I think we can truly succeed,” Lueddecke said.

The St. Dominic hockey team is currently at 1-1 after losing their recent game against Parkway South. However, the Crusaders aren’t backing down. Their next game is on November 28 at 6:40 pm at Centene Ice Center against Fort Zumwalt North. Be sure to show your support for Jared and the entire team as they continue their historic season.