(Try To) Keep Up With Katelyn

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Morris swiftly races to the finish line

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Morris swiftly races to the finish line

The girls cross country team has been taking huge strides this fall season, and one of the star athletes, Katelyn Morris, has contributed greatly to the team’s success! Although Morris is only a sophomore here at St. Dominic, she has already left a footprint as a runner and student here in the St. Dominic community.

My favorite part of the team is getting closer with my team and getting my personal record

— Katelyn Morris

When asked why she decided to run cross country, Morris stated, “I wanted a way for me to stay in shape and I was interested in meeting new people and friends!”

With a personal record of 20:17, her times this season have been nothing short of impressive. Starting out with her first meet at New Haven, Morris placed 6th with a time of 20:52. Throughout this season, she has remained in at least the top 16th among runners. This is especially impressive considering a cross country meet can host up to 200 runners.

Morris has held her high ranking by completing the courses in under 23 minutes. Morris even reached her personal record at the Hancock Invitational, only a little over a week ago!

Running can be challenging, though, so to prepare for meets, Morris eats Gatorade chews an hour before and makes sure to get plenty of rest and hydration. She follows that with a ten minute warm up and stretches right before the race. The last thing she does is her final strides and team prayer.

“My favorite part of the team is getting closer with my team and getting my personal record,” Morris said.  

With districts coming up on October 30th, Morris and the rest of the girls cross country team is more than prepared to leave their mark on the competition. Morris feels supported by her coaches Phil, Holzum and Smith, and we hope she knows she will always be supported by her peers at St. Dominic!