Meet the Leaders: Noah Schuessler


Noah Schuessler will become the next PR and Layout Editor

Alyssa Baird, Staff Writer

The end of the year is quickly approaching, the current juniors are getting ready to step up and fill leadership positions throughout the school. The journalism program has already been working hard in order to make sure roles are filled for the year to follow. 

Next year’s PR and Layout Editor will be Noah Schuessler. This job includes taking care of the Crusader Nation News Instagram, and Twitter. But most importantly, actually putting the articles into the website and organizing where they go.

“This paper will really force me to work well with other people to make sure we put out the best quality possible. And I think that having this leadership role will give me really good opportunities,” Schuessler said. 

Well, no, it’s college. He wants to major in journalism and one day he wants to be a writer who focuses on covering more sports and really making his way up to ESPN, or NBC sports. The biggest dream he has is covering the Olympics, his all-time favorite event.

Other than journalism, his true passion is sports. He can watch it all from football and soccer, to gymnastics and ice-skating. With following so many sports, he also learned a lot about the athletes that he is watching.

‘I would say it’s a three way tie For my favorite athletes. One is Simone Biles, two would be Serena Williams, and three is LeBron James,” Schuessler said. 

A big part of Noah’s life is volleyball, which he has been playing for 14 years. A life without volleyball is unimaginable because the love for the sport he has has built up with his family. 

“My family kind of got me started when I was around three years old. And I just played it pretty much my whole life, like I can’t remember a time when I didn’t play it,” Schuessler said. 

Apart from college and sports Noah also wants to travel. Some places he would love to visit are Asia, China, Korea and Japan. When Noah does travel, he does like to get adventurous, in some unexpected ways. 

“One time when I was paddleboarding in the ocean, I went too far out and couldn’t tell which way was shore. I kind of had to wing it, and I did not have a life vest. I was in jellyfish infested waters,” Schuessler said. 

Noah is ready to take on his new role and bring his journalism career to the next level. Make sure to dive deeper into each of his staff articles to see his amazing articles!