St. Dominic Welcomes New Campus Ministers


Lily Hente

The Campus Ministers are excited for the new school year.

Lily Hente, Staff Writer

As the 2022-23 school year begins, St. Dominic has some new additions to the community.
Campus Ministry welcomes Abby Schmittgens and Ben Mueller to St. Dominic as new leaders
for our students.Mr. Mueller is a great addition to Campus Ministry. He has many different hobbies and interests
outside of St. Dominic as well. “Outside of school, I love to play sports, especially golf and
basketball. I also enjoy reading, watching movies and playing a little Xbox,” Mr. Mueller said.
Currently his favorite movie is “All or Nothing”, an inspiring movie about the life of Sr. Claire
Ms. Schmittgens is also an outgoing and caring addition to Campus Ministry. Ms. Schmittgens
loves to go on hikes, cook, listen to music and hangout with friends. “My favorite song changes a
lot but recently I think my all time favorite would be Enchanted by Taylor Swift”, Ms.
Schmittgens said.
Both their love for teaching will result in great leadership and will be role models for many.
Father Patrick has high hopes for the school and new leaders. Being able to connect with
everyone right away will set the high standard for the school year. “It has been awesome to see
them interact with students already during orientation,” Father Patrick said.
Mr. Mueller and Ms. Schmittgens have many plans for the upcoming years of St. Dominic’s
Campus Ministry. “What I hope to do in Campus Ministry this year is to bring energy and joy to
campus and on retreats,” Mr. Mueller said. However, the Campus Ministers’ main goal is to
make sure that all students have a relationship with Jesus and to guide them through their
highschool years.
Ms. Schmittgens and Mr. Mueller are hoping to get to know and grow closer to all students at St.
Dominic. Building relationships and having fun are what they look forward to the most. Having
a close relationship with our Campus Ministers will help all students find a deeper relationship
with Christ. Last year, Father Patrick and Mr. Welby, President of St. Dominic, held a mission
trip to McAllen, Texas. The thirteen students and leaders felt extremely impacted by their
experience, and feel it’s something all students should experience some day.