Hockey Senior Night:Don’t Miss the Fun


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Crusader Hockey celebrates Luke Yahn, Jared Lueddecke, and Eythan Westcott.

Lily Hente, Staff Writer

With the season coming to a close, the St. Dominic hockey team is coming together to celebrate their hard working seniors. These seniors have dedicated so much time and effort into the new yet successful program. 

Seniors Jared Lueddecke, Luke Yahn and Eythan Westcott have grown up playing hockey. They all started at around ages 7, and hockey has been their whole lives ever since. Senior night is just one of the many ways to showcase their many accomplishments. 

Although St. Dominic jump started their program during the seniors’ junior year, the season would have not been the same without them. Since the very first game as a JV team, to now being a varsity team, there has been much growth. These boys have each played such an important role in Crusader hockey. From being a leader on the ice to being the friend anyone could turn to, the seniors have helped form the foundation for the future and the fight together as one.

“It is more of a team effort in how the program is shaped. If it is not for us being a whole team as one, we would have gone nowhere,” senior Luke Yahn said. 

Within the past two years, there have been big accomplishments; like taking on Fort Zumwalt West in such a loud environment. It’s moments like those that players will cherish the most, even after they graduate. 

“The crowd rooting for us and leaving it all out on the ice are moments I will never forget,” senior Jared Lueddecke said. 

Emotions are strong going into this Saturday’s game. Even though it seems like the team just met, the bond created is something that will never be forgotten. All players want the best for each other and will always be supportive as they head in their own direction. 

“Being a junior transfer, I am now familiar with a good group because of hockey. They help me do whatever it takes when I’m out on the ice and not give up,” senior Eythan Westcott said. 

It is sad to see them go, but they have truly left such a huge mark on the program. Luedde me plans on continuing to play hockey at Maryville University, Westcott is attending SLU in hopes of continuing hockey, and Luke Yahn is still deciding on his future plans. 

Be sure to support the seniors along with the rest of the team this Saturday against Fort Zumwalt South at 8pm at St. Peters Rec Plex South!