True Crime Take Over


True Crime taking over all platforms and peoples everyday lives.

Lily Hente

From podcasts to documentaries to novels, it is no surprise on why the true crime genre has taken over. This shocking series has grown immensely in such a short time. The thrills are what draw people to want more.

True crime has been around for a while, but just recently became the most popular it has ever been. Ever since the Netflix series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story came out, the world has been begging for more. Luckily, that series is not the only one. Hulu, HBO Max and podcasts allow for people to learn more about different cases and bring awareness to them.

Hulu is a great place to start your journey. They offer a folder type area that is filled with many different cases and events. Hulu provides investigations, notorious crimes, cold cases, prison stories, unsolved cases and more. People can learn about different cases, people and situations from all over the world.

Like Hulu, HBO Max offers similar streams. With a wide variety to choose from, people are guaranteed to find something for them. Just a simple search opens a world of options to choose from.

Without Netflix, true crime would not be how it is today. Netflix offers some of the best documentaries out there. From Unsolved Murders to Conversations with a Killer, Netflix has kickstarted the newest trend.

Hulu, HBO Max and Netflix are the perfect options if you are looking for something a series that will keep people on their toes.

If movies and shows are not for you, there are many different podcasts to choose from. On the podcast app, people can choose from Dateline, Snapped and other producers of true crime entertainment. Podcasts are an easy way to listen on the go. People can be informed and emerge themselves in the cases they are so interested in.

True crime has not only become a staple on streaming platforms, but in people’s everyday lives as well. Many individuals become so invested, that they fixate on the thought of these cases.

To some, true crime can seem like a waste of time, but to others it opens a world of creativity. Listening or watching allows for people to think in the minds of detectives, trying to figure out the motive or who did it.

Humans question why this series has become so addictive. Studies show that the world is so fascinated because people are curious about what drives people to do the unthinkable. Or, how there’s a draw to the adrenaline of fear and how people want to pursue their belief in justice.

The fascination with people and how their brain works is an indication of how humans try and understand what could be the motive for such horrible acts. The curiosity brought from watching true crime represents how it gets the brain working and thinking in ways it normally does not.

Like this fascination, people are drawn to the adrenaline of fear caused while watching. It is proven that the public is more drawn to mysteries and horror because it triggers the most basic and powerful emotion: fear. Although the actions from serial killers or kidnappers are unexplainable, it is hard for people to look away due to the rush of adrenaline.

The brain solves puzzles everyday. True crime is one big puzzle that lets people search for a sense of knowing and understanding. While watching, individuals have to solve a series of puzzles that makes them think like a detective.

It is no surprise on why true crime has become the way it is today. With the different platforms, it was bound to be a world sensation.