The History Just Keeps Coming


Emma Larkin

Crusader boys celebrate after the big win against West Plains.

St. Dominic has sent many teams off to state this past fall season, but one team in particular continues to make history every time they step on the field. Last Saturday, the football team played a hard fought game against the West Plains Zizzers in order to advance to the Missouri State Finals. The team did not disappoint, with a huge 42-14 win! They will be competing for the championship title for the first time in Dominic history. 

These young men have been making history. With winning districts for the first time last year, to making it to the state finals this year, the Crusaders have been unstoppable. The players use doubts by those outside of SDHS to fuel them to do better and prove everyone wrong. 

“We have shattered all doubts and proved that St. Dominic is the real deal. Doing something no one else has done is always remarkable,” Senior Jackson Overton said. 

The flip side of the doubters is the great support this team has seen game in and game out. Winning does not only consist of the team as support fuels the players on the field. The support from parents, administration and students,have meant so much to this team.

“Our team has very much valued the support that we get from the entire community, parents, students and administration,” Varsity Head Coach Blake Markway said. 

They have put countless amounts of effort into preparing for another tough game, this one against St. Mary’s. The Crusaders took on the Dragons once before in the regular season. The outcome was not ideal but the Crusaders were without Overton and had three starters playing through tough injuries. This time those players are healthy and the whole team has put in the work in hopes of a better turnout and a state championship. This would not be possible without the confidence and determination that this team has shown during the postseason. 

“We have built up the confidence to know how good we can be and if we are at our best, we can beat anybody,” Senior Kelly Welby said. 

The road to state seemed like a breeze, as this team has dominated every team they played in the playoffs. Even though the postseason competition was relatively smooth, the boys know that they cannot step on the brakes just yet. The Crusaders know what it takes to finish a game and season strong. It is unbelievable to be able to still be playing in December. 

“Since the beginning of summer, our goal is to be our best come November, and this team has done that. They boys truly buy into the mindset that every single day is a step to being 1% better,” Coach Markway said.

No matter the outcome, this team will always hold a special place in school history. The boys will play St. Marys this Friday at Faurot Field  at Mizzou  at 11. Be sure to come out or watch it online!