Fantasy Football Deep Dive


Colts running back Jonathan Taylor running the ball down field.

There is a sport that has taken the country by storm over the past couple years. Ok it’s not really a sport, but it might as well be. Fantasy football has not only swept through the country, it has also become a favorite pastime of students here at St. Dominic. 

Who should start? Who should be picked up? Will that person accept your trade proposal? Did you win? These are all common questions that can be heard each week of football season in the halls and in class. Fantasy football is firmly rooted in the SDHS community as it seems almost everyone participates in it. 

“I love the excitement the NFL brings to America and the competition with my friends is always fun,” senior Cody Powell said.

Fantasy football, not only at St. Dominic, but around the world seems to be a staple in people’s lives. It allows for people to have fun and compete against friends and family, while watching sports. It is a win-win situation for all. Bragging rights and trophies are common with fantasy football enthusiasts. Also, there are many punishments for the players whose team claims last place at the end of the league. 

“It’s fun and we have a trophy/ring we pass around to the winner! It’s really about bragging rights,” Mr. Small said. 

While Fantasy football is fun, there can be major upsets during the week. Players don’t always perform the way they should and that leads to teams falling in the standings and losing points.  Some fantasy teams can’t even recover from a manager’s draft decision to take a “for sure” player high in their original draft.

“The biggest surprise for me right now would be Jonathan Taylor. He was supposed to be the best player in fantasy but he’s not been doing too well,” sophomore Jack Duncan said.

No matter if your players are letting you down or you’re on top of the standings, one thing is for sure; fantasy football drives conversation around the halls of SDHS and even in the classrooms.

“Come Monday morning, all the guys in my class want to talk about who won and what player did what,” Miss Goedeke said.

This isn’t just a guy thing though, many females here at St. Dominic fill their Sundays with fantasy football fun as well.

“I play because it is fun and competitive, plus I love to beat the guys when they think I don’t have a chance, ” junior Lauren Hagedorn said. 

No matter what the situation is, fantasy football is a fun thing to do with your friends and family. So if you’re not involved, create or join a league for the second half of the NFL season and get in on all the fun.