Tearing It Up


Lily Hente, Staff Writer

During this fall season, we’ve seen our sports teams accomplish many goals. As we near the end of the regular season, two teams, volleyball and softball, are hopeful to keep their success going into the postseason.

The St. Dominic Volleyball team has had some major accomplishments throughout their season. With huge victories over Marquette, Francis Howell Central and winning the AAA Conference has shown great improvement over the past few years. Softball has also accomplished major milestones in their season. 

“We’ve played very well this season, yesterday we earned our 22nd victory this season,” Coach Noah Duncan said. 

These accomplishments would not have been possible without leadership and good chemistry. Having strong leaders will create a positive team environment which in the end will lead to success. To be a good leader, you have to lead during games and outside of games. 

“We pick each other up when needed on and off the field,” sophomore Kelsey Kunz said. 

All the time spent at practice is not going unnoticed, both teams’ hard work is greatly noticeable and dedication when playing tough teams. Everything they did during this season will help them be one step closer to their ultimate goal, winning a state championship.

“I think we have a good chance at making a run at state again this year,” Coach Courtney Bland said. 

These teams have surprised not only themselves but the rest of the school. They hope to carry out these successes into the postseason. Although the postseason is difficult, staying strong and positive will help them achieve their long term goal in the end. 

“We know that we are in one of the toughest districts in the state, but this team is so resilient and they play for each other,” Coach Duncan said.

That can be a scary combination that apparently both softball and volleyball will carry with them into the postseason. Softball starts their district run on Tuesday while volleyball will start in about two weeks. We wish them both luck and hope they keep up their outstanding play.