The Best Places to Get Food on Half Days

St. Dominic students go to favorite noon dismissal food spots.

St. Dominic students go to favorite noon dismissal food spots.

Tuesday noon dismissals for the St. Dominic community is one of our favorite days. Students throughout Crusader Nation get together with their friends after school, and go and get lunch, before after school activities.

St. Dominic students have their go to spots to get their favorite food. Many love to go with their friends to a variety of restaurants.

“My favorite place to sit down with friends, hangout and talk would be Timber Creek, because the servers there are great, and my friends and I always have a great time there,” Sophomore Isabella Gerberding said. 

With the different types of restaurants, St. Dominic students prefer to have something cheap, but still fun at the same time. The time spent together with friends is what’s really important. 

“My favorite place to eat at is Waffle House because the workers are funny, it’s cheap and I get the chance to sit down with friends and eat breakfast for lunch,” Sophomore McKenna Fasching said. 

The students are given a chance to catch up on things, and just in general be together in the moment before having to do their other activities like sports, or jobs.

“Red Robin is my favorite because it is a fun place to go after school to hang with friends and eat,” Sophomore Olivia Orr said. 

The St. Dominic community is like a large family, and as soon as that bell rings for the last class of the day, it’s game on. Kids are rushing out of here, to hurry and get food. 

“I like going to Buffalo Wild Wings, because I like their food and me and my friends get to hangout,” Sophomore Carson Heitman said.  

This is convenient to do before you go to your activities and just relax and refresh. The time with friends is great and helps with stress, as it is important to get some down time every once in a while.

“My favorite place to eat would have to be Chick- fil- a because it’s always great service and always great food,” Sophomore Emma Thorton said.  

The St. Dominic community is one of the many few that have noon dismissals on a Tuesday. Tuesdays are great because no matter what’s going on the rest of the week, the chance to go and sit down with your friends after school is a great way to start the week.