Bleeding for a Cause


Lily Hente

Students and teachers participate in blood drive with Mercy Hospital.

Every year, St. Dominic holds a blood drive to help those who need it most. For the past 10 years, Mercy Hospital has helped with the success of the drives. 

Mercy Hospital has proudly partnered with us to plan two blood drives each year. The Mercy workers help provide a calm environment for the donors which allows for them to be less anxious, and for the process to go much smoothly.  

“They are consistent, accommodating, and most importantly kind and supportive to the student donors,” teacher Ms. Goedeke said. 

Without the help from Mercy, the blood drives would not be as successful as they are today. Each year, 50-60 donors are wanted in order to supply enough blood. However, every year St. Dominic greatly surpasses that goal. 

At surrounding Mercy Hospitals, there are many patients who suffer severe blood loss. Each person who helps donate blood has the opportunity to save a life. 

“As a community, the blood drive allows students to give back in a seemingly simple but impactful way,” Goedeke said. 

Not only does helping donate bring us closer with our peers and teachers, it helps us grow closer to God. The simple act of donating gives us a slight look into what God did for all of us. 

“Donating allows the donor to love someone they do not even know,” Goedeke said.

Participating in the blood drive is a great opportunity to help save someone in need. We are able to give back as a community in a way that seems so simple but is so impactful.