Dress Code Crack Down


Jenna Warren

Students hanging out in the Eisenbath Atrium during empower hour

As the second semester is well underway, faculty has been cracking down on the dress code. With the lack of proper attire, school reminds everyone that it is our responsibility to show up to school dressed correctly. 

The identification of dress codes helps promote school pride as well as personal goals. Like our academics, dress code standards should be high.

“Taking care of the little stuff like the dress code seems minute to people, but doing stuff like that is what makes us special,” Dean of Students Mr. Tock said.

Not only is this a student’s choice and duty, but it is also the faculty’s job to encourage students to want to follow the rules. St. Dominic provides every student with the ability to come to school, without having to worry about the acceptance of their peers with the outcome of the dress code. 

“I think that St. Dominic is able to do a lot of cool things because our kids make the right decisions and do the right thing,” Mr. Tock said. 

The ability to come to St. Dominic is a blessing. The hard work of every student, the motivation of every staff member, and the well-rounded love of every student is what makes this school special. The little rules of dress code hold us to a high standard, knowing that we come to school every day in God’s presence.

“Even though it is an untucked shirt, holding yourself accountable and following those rules is character-building,” Mr. Tock said. 

Holding students accountable for their actions is a lesson-building opportunity that will come upon every student as they grow in the St. Dominic community. Following the little rules such as having a polo on, wearing a school-appropriate jacket on the right days, and having shirts tucked in, will help build accountability amongst students. 

“I think it makes us look presentable and it sets the bar for our school’s high standards,” sophomore Mckenna Fasching said. 

As the school year continues, our school believes in a dress code that will help promote school pride as well as a personal quality. Students learn the importance of the dress code, and hopefully, it helps them in their life outside of St. Dominic.