Softball Back in the Swing


Varsity vetran seniors Abbie Danchus, Rylee McDowell, and Katie Bergland.

Lily Hente, Staff Writer

As the hustle of the new school year begins, so do fall sports. All teams have been hard at work to prepare for the upcoming seasons. Crusader softball is wasting no time getting back into the swing of things.

Softball has been preparing on and off the field all summer. Summer open fields and team bonding is setting the pace for the season ahead.

“We have a lot of things we go over at the beginning of the year, team meetings where we talk about goals, and we have team bonding,” Varsity head coach Noah Duncan said. 

Team bonding will bring the team closer together, which will definitely help the chemistry on and off the field. The better the chemistry, the better the play. 

Many players have had a softball packed summer. Lessons  and workouts are just some of the few ways the girls have been preparing for the busy schedule ahead.

“Some ways I am preparing for this season is to just work hard at practice and on my own,” Varsity starter Abbie Danchus said.

Being hard workers off the field creates great leaders on the field. Being a leader requires a lot of responsibility and energy devoted to the team. 

“I feel as a senior it is my job to help lead my team and create a good atmosphere,” Abbie Danchus said. 

Having leaders who hold you accountable while also having fun is the key to a successful season. To become a role model and leader, Coach Duncan is turning to not only the seniors but the juniors as well.

“They all have such an important role  because of this being they’re third year on the team,” Coach Duncan said. 

As leaders are rising to the position, the team is hopeful for the 2022 season. This year, they’re expecting to go all the way.

 “We have a solid group of girls and I’m confident we’re going to have a great season. We are hoping for that district and conference win,” varsity player Victoria Owen said.