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The student news site of St. Dominic High School

Crusader Nation

The student news site of St. Dominic High School

Crusader Nation

Loki’s Glorious Return

Loki season two promo for the newest killer Marvel show


Loki has always been a fan favorite because of his quick wit and cunning personality, and when he got his own show, fans were ecstatic. When season one concluded, we were left with a huge cliffhanger, but finally, we had our questions answered with Loki season two. 

The show was a huge hit back in summer of 2021, and was quickly renewed for a second season. This was huge because no Marvel project had been picked up for a second season, so this opened up a door for us to see more of the characters we had grown to love. 

When we left off He Who Remains was just killed by Slyvie, and the Time Variant Authority, and the timeline was in shambles. We then pick up right where we left off. 

Mobus and Hunter B-15, are scrambling to find a way to fix everything. Loki goes back and forth from a timeline, where no one remembers him to his timeline, where Sylvie had just killed He Who Remains. Loki quickly meets OB, who has been working at the TVA for forever. OB explains how he is time slipping, which is why no one remembers him. The episode ends with Loki fixing his time slipping, and looking for where Sylvie ran off to. We got a post credit scene, showing where Sylvie ended up, which was on a branched timeline at a McDonald’s. 

As the first episode went, it was a good start. It was a little quick to fix problems, and could’ve let a lot of things be used for later episodes of the series. It was very unclear where the show was going from here, but I think as time went on it became more sure of what it wanted to accomplish. 

In episode three, there was a lot of backstory on who He Who Remains is, but it set up a fantastic finale. We were left wondering if Slyvie would continue to kill all of these variants of He Who Remains, or give him a chance to change. 

Then in episodes four to five, it was all Loki trying to solve the problem of the timelines colliding. When he finds out he is able to control time, he rewinds over and over again, trying to get the perfect time, but is unsuccessful every time. 

Then we hit episode six, where we are hit with a decision by Loki that goes against everything we have seen from any Loki character thus far. He decides to sacrifice himself for the better of time, and the people living in it. He takes on time in the last scene, and holds the branches together with his bare hands, to keep the timeline from exploding. It is revealed that he will be there for the rest of time to protect the timeline. 

This ending is almost ironic, in the way that Loki, who first walked into the TVA in season one, would’ve done anything to get back to his time. Whereas in the finale, he sacrifices himself to save those same people he hated at first. It was a great finale to a wonderful show, and Marvel fans are hoping to see more like it in the future.

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Zoe Dake, Staff Writer
Zoe Dake is a senior here at St. Dominic High School. She is very involved with school activities such as: Ambassadors, Music inc., Chamber Choir, A.D., Mock Trial, Theatre, and a leader of the Marvel Club. Outside of school, you can probably find her hanging out with her family and friends or re-watching all of the Marvel movies.

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