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  • This Thursday at St. Dominic is the annual Crusader Day!


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The student news site of St. Dominic High School

Crusader Nation

The student news site of St. Dominic High School

Crusader Nation

Spider-Man Breaks Into Movie History

Spider-Man promotional art for the new record breaking movie

One of the biggest blockbuster movies of the year was Spider-Man: Across the Spider Verse. This movie broke records in a year where most animated movies flew under the radar. It is no surprise this movie did so well because it was everything everyone wanted and more. 

Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse blew everyone away when it came out in 2018. Most people when they heard of this new Spider-Man movie with Miles Morales instead of Peter Parker, they pushed it to the side. Everyone thought it was a cash grab by Sony to put out content in a market that they knew would do well. When the movie came out reviews were incredible. 

People flocked to the theaters to see this film because everyone wanted to see why everyone was loving this movie. The elements that made this movie amazing were the incredible animation styles, the star studded cast, relatable characters, and the music you can feel in your soul. 

When it was announced that there would be a sequel everyone was over the moon. We left off in Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse Miles had heard Gwen’s voice from a portal in his room even though she had just gone back to her own dimension. 

After many delays the movie finally came out on June 4th. The movie picks up on an eye-catching scene with Gwen Stacy, Spider-Woman, catching us up on what happened in the last movie. The animation in this opening scene with the drum performance by Stacy perfectly sets up the movie. 

One of the best things about this movie is that we get to see so many differences in art styles, in just one movie. The best example of this was in Spider-Punk’s world, we see a more newspaper art style that no movie has even attempted. In contrast to Spider-Punk’s Universe we see Miles’s world that just looked like a normal animated movie, but still had elements of a comic book feel. 

A big thing that made this movie so popular was the fact that we met Spider-Man characters that we never would have without this movie. Some notable characters we met were Jessica Drew, and Miguel O’Hara. Jessica was Spider-Woman from Earth 616, what was so interesting about her character is that she was pregnant while fighting crime. Miguel O’Hara is Spider-Man from Earth 928B. He lost his family and in an attempt to get them back he made a way to travel the multiverse, but quickly learned when he messes with the cannon it breaks worlds. 

In this movie Mile is challenged with the fact that if he breaks the cannon and saves his dad from being killed by a falling building, he will break his world and lose everyone he loves. He is convinced he can do both and save everyone. We learn through Mile’s struggles that you don’t have to follow a set path you can make your own. 

This movie leaves off on a cliffhanger, where Miles is stuck in another universe with no way to escape. Gwen has recruited her own set of Spidey friends to come and save him after she was kicked out of the Spider Society for doubting Miguel. 

Fans are anxious to see how the third film will conclude. The movie is set to premiere March 29, 2024. No doubt this next movie will be the biggest and best movie yet. 

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