28paperclips Monogramming


Andrea Vehige

Senior Andrea Vehige has recently started her own monogramming business. Run through etsy.com, it is made possible by her determination and her artistic ability. With help from only her mother, Vehige manages to do it all.

Vehige first got the idea of monogramming from a friend’s mother and decided to try it out herself. Once she invested in an embroidery machine, she was able to complete bigger tasks and her business took off in September of 2014. Since then, she has sold monogrammed T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, swimsuit tops, phone cases, tanks and hats.

Angela Maxvill modeling a monogramed shirt made by Vehige.

Although Vehige makes it seem easy, running a business is a bit complicated. She had to learn the key factors of running a business to become successful.

“I definitely had to learn responsibility and be able to chart everything with finances because I didn’t know to do stuff like that before,” said Vehige.

Vehige’s products usually range from $12-$30 in price and have shipped all over the United States. With these great deals it’s no wonder business is good, especially around the holidays. Business has slowed down since the Christmas season when Vehige was averaging four shirts a day, but she still sells at least an item every week.

If you would like to contact Vehige for monogrammed items, you can visit her shop at 28paperclips. Use the promo code SDHS2015 for free shipping and your item will be delivered to you at school.