Ella’s Letter


Ella Bland with her multiple state trophies

I have put off writing this letter for about a week now. This Journalism program has shown me a passion that I plan to continue for the rest of my life. Though it started out as just articles, each new thing I learned drew me in more. 

I vividly remember dreading Journalism, which is weird to say. I had Mr. Duncan for sophomore lit class, and he told me that the way I wrote one of my essays was perfect for article writing and told me to take the class. I signed up for it and turned in my sheet, and immediately regretted it because I was gonna have to write so much and have more extra work. I almost dropped it before we even had the class. 

Obviously, I’m so glad that I didnt drop it because not only has it shown me my future but also has taught me so many important lessons and helped me become a leader. Truly I owe Mr. Duncan so much. Not only has he taught me many things over the years, he also has held me accountable for things that I do wrong, allowing me to grow and learn. 

This class has also been my favorite throughout highschool. Though we get on each other’s nerves, we have all grown close and I’ve met people I never would have met outside of this class, and I plan to stay in touch with. We also were able to do so many things like winning the ACA video, and all our random in class discussions that probably lead to us getting yelled at for not working. 

This whole letter has been kind of all over the place but I hope my main point gets across. I’m gonna miss this program so much. It has made my highschool experience so much better. I’m gonna miss spelling everything wrong and Capitalizing random words in my sentences. (see what I did there)

Thank you and Goodbye Crusaders

-Ella Bland