The Black Friday Bonanza


People getting ready for the Massive Rush on Black Friday.

Lily Hente, Staff Writer

Black Friday has become such a huge hit within the shopping world. People are able to get all of their Christmas shopping and more done within one day. The sales make it easy to get everything you need all at once. 

Now, people can shop all the Black Friday deals from the comfort of their own home. Ever since COVID-19, many, if not all stores have resorted to online sales. Not only is it all online, stores are starting sales much earlier. Although Black Friday is on November 26, stores will have amazing sales throughout the month. 

The mix of online shopping and the best sales of the year prepares people to open their wallets immediately. While most already know what stores they’re going to shop at, here are some stores that offer some of the best sales: Macys, Kohls, Target, Best Buy and more have already started their Black Friday sales. 

Black Friday is not the only known day of sales, there’s also Cyber Monday. Another day full of amazing sales from only online websites. Cyber Monday gives people another shot of getting gifts they might’ve missed on Friday.

Not only does Black Friday get you in the holiday spirit, it allows for people to spend more time with their families. Thanksgiving and Christmas time is full of getting together. Waiting in lines at shops, or just sitting around the fire shopping online, there is always an opportunity to spend quality time with one another. 

Whether you like traditional in-person shopping or the new online shopping, be sure to check out all your favorite stores and see what sales they have to offer!