The Spookiest Movie Marathon


Movies are the best part of any holiday, halloween is no exception.

Halloween is the time of scary movies. From slasher films to thrillers, the range of these movies is extreme. Here are the top five Halloween movies you need to rewatch every year. 

5) Conjuring 

Here is a movie based on real life, The Conjuring follows a married couple who are paranormal investigators and demonologists. The effects in this movie are much more realistic than others, and makes the watcher forget that this is just a movie. This horror film is bone chilling and leaves you freaked out for days wondering how a supernatural being can cause real world injuries. 

4) Ghostbusters

This more lighthearted Halloween movie takes viewers in for a different view on ghosts then previously seen. The four ghostbusters take us for a ride into different dimensions trying to prevent dangerous ghosts from releasing havoc on New York City. Not your usual Halloween movie, Ghostbusters provides much more humor then the others and allows viewers to enjoy a scary, but hilarious film.

3)The Shining

This is one you will need to make time in your schedule for, but it’s worth it. This 2 hour and 26 minute movie will have you questioning many things. Based on Stephen King’s Novel of same name, this movie portrays a truly disturbing story of a father stricken with insanity on a journey to murder his family at a hotel that is possesed by evil.  

2) Exorcist

This unsettling movie takes place in our very own downtown St. Louis. This true story will shock you to your core and make the next week full of sleepless nights. Though the effects are dated, it is still considered one of the scariest movies of all time and will make your head spin all the way around.

1) Scream

This movie has truly become a classic in this genre. While making fun of the slashers films of the 60s-70s, They also do a great job with continuing the excessiveness of the kills that you expect from this type of film. Having a compelling story can be a hard feat for scary movies but, this movie has tackled perfectly. With all the funny quips from characters you could want and a shocking ending, this film is the perfect scary movie. 

Hope this list helps you have the best Halloween movie marathon ever with a healthy mix of scary and funny. Happy Halloween!