Halloween Ends: Could’ve Been Better



The final installment of the Halloween saga is finally here.

Halloween Ends is the final movie in the Halloween saga, or at least it’s supposed to be. This movie had a huge build up and viewers were on the edge of their seats with expectation, but in reality it was a bit of a let down.

The main character, Laurie Strode, has finally started to live her life not having seen Michael Meyers in four years. Just when she is getting comfortable with her life and the normalcy of it, Meyers returns violent as ever. As she once again fights for her life, we were ready for a jarring battle to end the franchise. However what viewers were given was not nearly enough to carry the end of the franchise.

The movie wasn’t bad by any means, it stayed true to the normal Halloween movie blueprint, but Michael Meyers was too different for my taste. His terrifying slow walk while everyone is sprinting away adds to his ominous feel. For some reason this was not a part of the movie. Since this iconic part of his character was not there, it took away from the potential the movie had.  

Michael also spends a large part of the movie maskless; This is another staple that was just left out. It’s hard for viewers to understand why these small, yet crucial things would just be taken out. 

With 13 Halloween movies created this franchise was set up for the biggest slasher film battle in cinema. Unfortunately, the ending scene could not hold up to the hype. It was quite a let down for many of the loyal Halloween fans, and felt more anticlimactic than anything.

With 40 years worth of source material, Halloween Ends was set up to be the biggest movie of this Halloween season. However, with the missing key details, it just fell short. Maybe so many movies, ending the saga was too big of a feat and was destined to fail.