Wilmes Does it All


Ella Bkand

Mr. Wilmes stands in the Guaduim hallway during Family Time.

With all the new additions to the St. Dominic staff it’s hard to keep track. There are some familiar faces rejoining us like alum Mr. Wilmes. 

Mr. Wilmes graduated from Dominic in 2008 and has returned to Dominic to teach, coach, mentor one of our houses and build the PLTW program. 

“I am very excited to come back to high school. I want students to enjoy their experience here as much as I did as a student, so I wanted to make sure to be involved throughout the school to make those experiences (like basketball and our house system) fun,” said Wilmes.

Mr. Wilmes played basketball at Dominic and is now coaching varsity girls basketball. He has been progressing this team all summer with workouts and open gyms, and is ready for the upcoming season. 

“My plan for this season is to compete in every game. I don’t have a specific amount of wins for us to achieve, but I believe with the group that we have, if we compete and play to our ability, we will have a very successful year,” Wilmes said. 

Mr. Wilmes is not only gunning for success this season he is also aiming to grow the program as a whole. 

“My long term plan is to build a successful and sustainable program. There are so many factors that go into a program, but one key that I look forward to is the involvement of our high school players with our feeder program. I can’t wait to see our players give back to our future crusaders, and build a bond with our younger girls,” Wilmes said.

Along with coaching and teaching math, Mr. Wilmes is contributing to our house system. He has become the Gaudium House Mentor and will be working towards uniting the Gaudium leadership. 

“I was extremely excited and nervous to be Gaudium’s mentor. I had heard a lot about the house system at St. Dominic and when given the opportunity, I wanted to try to help build on the concept of 6 houses, 1 home,” Wilmes said. 

With everything else Mr. Wilmes is doing for our school it’s hard to believe has time for more but he also plays a role in our PLTW program. Mr. Wilmes wants to help students find their love in engineering.  

“I am currently teaching Introduction to Engineering Design. It is our first PLTW class that we offer here. However, I am also certified in another class that I hope to be able to bring to St. Dominic in the future.I have had experience with PLTW in other school districts, so I hope to bring my knowledge from those experiences here!” Wilmes said. 

Mr. Wilmes is contributing to so many things in the St. Dominic community and will have a big impact on our school for years to come. We are so excited about this addition to our staff!