Super Mario Bros: A Super Adaptation


The Wrap

The Super Mario Bros Movie is currently dominating the internet.

The Super Mario Bros movie hit the screen last week and has seen tremendous praise from fans. This movie deserves all the hype it gets and is one of the best game to movie adaptations we’ve seen in a while.  

Turning a beloved game like Super Mario Bros, is a huge feat and was done phenomaly by Illumination. It did a great job staying true to the games but still created a new story. 

Though changes were made like Luigi being the our damsel in distress, and their voices being changed, it didn’t take away from the story at all, if anything it added to it. I was personally worried about the voices being annoying to listen to the entire time, but having them just referenced in the ad was an amazing addition to this movie. Luigi also fulfilled Peaches usual role perfectly, but also still helped them win in the end so as to not completely change his character.

Bowser and Donkey Kong are fan favorites online right now, both with very catchy songs. Bowsers ‘Peaches’ is all over Tik Tok and many fans are ecstatic that the movie included the infamous DK Rap. The characters were initially sketchy due to the fact that they were being voiced by famous people, which usually leads to terrible voice acting or the voice just not fitting the character in general, but Jack Black and Seth Rogan really rose to the occasion.

The best part about this movie truly had to be a nod to all of the Mario games. When we first see the brothers you can see the Donkey Kong arcade game that Mario first appeared in being played behind them. We also get an awesome training sequence that is very familiar to the Mario bros games. Arguably the best is the nod to Mario Kart where they make their very own karts then have a race on Rainbow Road.

This show truly blew me away and is a great movie for the whole family. Casual watchers and super fans alike will enjoy this movie. Don’t forget to watch the post credit scene though!