Tips and Tricks Of Midterms


Midterms can become very stressful and draining for students everywhere.

This school year seems to be flying by, which unfortunately means that midterms are upon us. With everyone getting ready for the holidays it’s easy to forget about these grueling tests, but hopefully with our help these few tips can make them a breeze. 

  1. Make Studying a Game

If you are someone who can’t seem to focus on studying or get too bored too quickly, making it into a game could help. Whether that’s small like flashcards, or something big like Trashketball this can help keep your attention and retain the information you need for your midterm. 

  1. Color Code

Color coding your notes can go a long way. One way I have learned from personal experience is using green to highlight what I know, yellow for stuff I want to work on and red for things I am clueless on. It helps you to physically see what you need to work on. 

  1. Use Reading Day

You may see reading day as a free day off, but using it correctly can really set you ahead. Always go to math and science even if you feel like you’re going to ace it. This is because teachers almost always have extra time to tell you that they didn’t have time for during class. When you’re done at school, go to somewhere like Bread Co., Starbucks, or anywhere that will allow you to study out of your house and with friends. Sometimes studying outside of your natural environment can allow you to become more efficient. Make this your most productive day for studying. 

  1. Know Where Things are on Note Cards

In classes like math, science and history, some sort of notecard is normally allowed. These can be your best friends, but if you don’t know where things are it may take up your precious test time. You could easily color code it, underline main topics, and also put your information in the order you learned it to allow more efficient test timing. 

  1.  Don’t Over Study 

Though you may be stressed, studying too much can add to it. Don’t forget to take breaks, sleep, and eat. If it is the night before and you don’t feel prepared enough, staying up till 3 in the morning studying certainly won’t help. You will be more tired for other tests you are more prepared for. Go to sleep and use time the morning of, or after another test that day to do your final studying.  

Hope these help relieve stress, and make you feel as prepared as possible, happy studying!