The Overlooked Holiday

Thanksgiving is coming up quickly and we are excited to celebrate.

Thanksgiving is coming up quickly and we are excited to celebrate.

After the excitement of dressing up and getting candy on Halloween, it seems that everyone is already preparing for Christmas. You’ll see videos online of people turning on Christmas music, and may even know families who have decorated their houses already. What about the holiday in between?

Thanksgiving is an American and Canadian born holiday celebrated in between the most popular holidays around the world. Think back to your past Thanksgiving and you might have one or two that you celebrated that stood out to you. However, if someone asked you what you were for Halloween 4 years ago, or what your favorite Christmas gift from 2012 you’d remember. It may take some time but you will be able to. 

Being squished between Halloween and Christmas puts Thanksgiving at a disadvantage. However, we must remember not every country celebrates the holiday. The United States, Canada, Grenada, Saint Lucia, and Liberia are the only countries that celebrate Thanksgiving. Germany and Japan celebrate similar holidays with different names. With only 7 countries celebrating it’s hard to gain popularity.

Another reason Thanksgiving may get overlooked is the fact that not all of them celebrate on the same day. Its celebrated date is different from year to year as well as country to country. With no memorable day to wait for, it’s hard to even know when it’s coming up. This may also be why this holiday seems to sneak up on us. 

Thanksgiving also is at a disadvantage purely because of the way it’s celebrated. Most families don’t put up decorations beside fall colored things around the house. This makes the holiday seem forgetful or just another fall day because of the boring decor. At most you might have a turkey picture that gets put up, but it’s not likely. 

The key element that makes Thanksgiving is the food. It is the only thing about this holiday that makes it stand out, but it also may be its weakness. The problem with food is that the dishes never change. Turkey, casserole, stuffing and so much more are reduced to one holiday because you eat so much of it once a year you feel sick and tired. Some can’t even eat the food whether it’s diet, allergies or preference.  

Thanksgiving is a great holiday and represents who we are as American people. Taking the time to sit back and just think about all of your blessings is something we should honestly do more often and shouldn’t be overlooked. Introduce new foods, add more decorations to you and your family’s home and remind those around you why we celebrate this holiday. Don’t forget about Thanksgiving because sometimes that moment to recognize how amazing life is can be the best reset for you. Remember to thank those around you for being in your life, Happy Thanksgiving!