The Hunt for the Perfect Costume



Finding the perfect costumes can make or break your halloween.

Halloween is approaching fast, and the most asked question this month is what you are dressing up as for the holiday. Everyone wants to have the best costume, but you don’t want to match anyone. Here is a list of many types of costumes to hopefully help narrow your search for the perfect costume.

Movie Characters

There are an infinite amount of movies in the world, which means an infinite amount of characters to choose from. You also can choose which kind of costume you have. Want a scary costume? Watch a few horror movies and you’ll be set to make a decision. Want to represent your favorite comedian this year? With so many options it’s not even funny. Grown Ups, The Strangers and Step Brothers are just a few options.

Old Kids Shows 

The TV shows we grow up on stick with us forever, and dressing up as them will most likely bring out some forgotten childhood memories. These costumes are so fun and will make all of your friends remember the good ol days. Shows like Kim Possible, Phineas and Ferb, and Scooby Doo can bring a nostalgic vibe to everyone you’re with. 


We see celebrities everywhere nowadays and they influence so many of the things we say and do. So why not take even more inspiration from them and actually be them for the day? Celeb costumes will probably be the most recognizable of the night with costumes like the Kardasians, Adam Sandler, The Rock and so many more.


Halloween is known for being scary, but there is nothing wrong with a little lighthearted, nostalgic joke. Joke costumes and memes may be the way to go if you want to turn heads and give people a good laugh. It is also a great way to be memorable at Halloween. 


Classic costumes like ghosts, witches and vampires are often looked over for being too cliche, but it may be the best option if you’re in a time crunch. One of the greatest things about these costumes is that you can put your own take on the character and they will still be recognizable.

While some readers might already have their costume decided, if that is not you, I hope this helped to narrow down your list of ideas! Happy Halloween!