A Homecoming Made for the Movies


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Seniors Kelly Welby and Faith Henke are crowned Homecoming Royalty

After an outstanding win from our own St. Dominic Varsity football team, all crusaders were pumped up for the homecoming dance to follow. That Saturday was full of pictures, food, dancing and many more exciting activities. 

The most popular spot for pictures this year seemed to be Boulevard Park located in Lake St. Louis, with our entire senior class there along with many underclassmen. Other popular places were Barathaven Park, and some students even hosted picture groups at their own homes. 

“I took my homecoming pictures just outside of Saint Paul at the Hoff barns. It was the perfect place because there were many rustic barns on the property perfect for taking picture in front of. The inside of the barn had various seating for our big homecoming group. The sun had just begun to set before we left, making for beautiful sunset photos with me and my friends,” freshman Natalie Frazier said. 

Pictures really take the wind out of your sails, so everyone needs to refuel before the dance. Having dinner with all your friends may be the most underrated part of the entire night, and can be the best part of your night. 

“I ate at the farm where I took my pictures, but we ordered Stefaninas…I’d give dinner and 8/10,” junior Cooper Smith said.

Once everyone arrived at the St. Dominic gym, the real dance started. Students and even teachers were dancing and singing everywhere, with alumni Ethan and JJ as our Djs. The dance was a huge success and decorated beautifully by our family captains and HOH’s. 

“My favorite part of homecoming was that the music this year was way better than last year. It made it much more enjoyable.” Sophomore Henry Bross said. 

Everyone throughout the night had one question on their mind. Who was the homecoming King and Queen? When Faith Henke and Kelly Welby’s names were announced, the crowd cheered with excitement and even started a King and Queen chant.

“When I heard my name called I was so excited!! It was awesome winning with Kelly… It feels really special to be selected by our entire school and I feel really honored,” senior and homecoming Queen Faith Henke said. 

The day was filled with pictures, videos, cheering, singing, dancing and lots of laughter. Many students hung out together after the dance to hold on to the excitement of the day and many are already preparing for St. Dominic’s Winter formal which is just around the corner!