The Sea of St. Dominic


Emma Larkin

SDHS students show their USA colors during the first game.

With Friday night football games back in season, it’s easy to see how much the St. Dominic community has grown over the years. The student body is becoming so large they don’t fit into their section anymore, but they still stand proudly, shoulder to shoulder, to cheer on our team. 

The packed stands are now overflowing into the grass and back pavilion area even with the newly added bleacher room. It’s a wonder that our Spirit Captain can even run coherent chants to support the swarm of excited students. 

“Sometimes it is hard to get others involved if the weather conditions are bad but besides that everyone is always rowdy.” Spirit Captain senior Phillip Hartenbach said.

St. Dominic knew this overflow would happen at some point with the expanding student body growing greater and greater every single year. 

“I always thought we’d have this many students. I just think we’ve got a great school and we know a lot of people want to be a part of this community. We want as many people as possible to be a part of it,” President Jim Welby said. 

The student section is a big part of our Friday Night Lights at St. Dominic. The crowd feeds off of the excitement of the game, but our student section isn’t there purely for noise. The support shown for the team also gives players the confidence to win and may even be shaking the confidence of our opponents. Starting the season off 2-2 with very high scoring games may confirm that. 

“With the opponent right there in front of our bleachers it certainly can start to frustrate them. I think we’ve seen that a little tonight, and certainly saw it last week with St. Charles West. For our kids, I mean just the juice that flows to look across the field and see this pandemonium that goes on for the entire game, it just gives you so much energy,” Welby said. 

Though you can feel the confidence in our crowd, the pressure to keep them cheering in slower games falls on our cheerleaders, dancers and Spirit Captain, Phillip Hartenbach.

“I don’t feel much pressure surprisingly because I know I have my friends to back me up with the chants… I have three of my best friends Michael Holliday, Kaiden Pickens, and Chase Freesmeier that help me get everyone involved,” Hartenbach said. 

With many more games to come this season we hope to see this student section continue to show up and give their all. With amazing themed costumes and an overwhelming presence, St. Dominic couldn’t be more proud of its student section!