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    Quittin Time Leads To Something In The Orange

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  • September 19, 2023


    September 19, 2023

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    Viral Mexican “Aliens”: Fact or Fraud?

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    Gearing Up For High School Night 2023

  • Pajama day truly brings out the best in  Dominic students


    School Spirit Overflows the St. Dominic Community

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The student news site of St. Dominic High School

Crusader Nation

The student news site of St. Dominic High School

Crusader Nation


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What is Happening to Marvelous Marvel?

Disney Plus
The faces of Marvel on the cover of Disney Plus

Over the past year, Marvel just keeps pushing out content and it is all falling flat. With projects ranging from Dr. Strange and The Multiverse of Madness to Ms. Marvel, nothing has been outstanding or notable that has been released by Marvel recently. 

It all started with Eternals. Quite possibly one of the worst Marvel movies of all time. Eternals was full of uninteresting protagonists and lame villains. All of the heroes who were just introduced were full of backstory that no one cared to learn. This is because no one cared about them to start. Story writers threw so much info and explanations at us for plot holes they made on purpose. Eternals just set the stage though for characters we loved to be ruined. 

Doctor Strange and The Multiverse of Madness was set up for success. With a tie into What If…? Plus characters we haven’t seen in the MCU yet, rumored to be revealed in the film, every Marvel fan was pumped for this movie. Come release day it was let down after let down. The illuminati, the most powerful beings in the universe, were killed off in minutes. The tie in with What If…? didn’t even happen. Finally we got another future young Avenger that no one can relate to. With setups that went nowhere everyone forgot about this movie and were just simply disappointed. 

With shows like Ms. Marvel and She Hulk we saw them attempt to inspire little girls, but instead fell straight on their face. Marvel focused more on their love life, than developing their characters and it shows. She Hulk was a show that had no plot, and terrible storylines. She Hulk ended with a horrendous final episode that throws everything we watched in the previous episodes out the window. Ms. Marvel was a Disney Channel show that not even little kids would watch. With another young Avenger that just came off annoying. Both of these shows most fans didn’t even finish, and were obviously just a cash grab by Marvel. 

Some movies like Wakanda Forever, and Thor Love and Thunder were fine, but not memorable. Marvel has fallen into a hole of making bad movies, and no one sees them getting out any time soon. With all of the new projects getting pushed back fans are wondering if Marvel is finally realizing that they are losing fans more than they are gaining. 

Everyone is curious to see how Marvel will attempt to get themselves out of this slump or if they even can. Die hard fans are holding out hope that Marvel can pick up their slack and get back to what Marvel used to be. We will see in time if they are able to save themselves or if Marvel will go to dust. 

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About the Contributor
Zoe Dake, Staff Writer
Zoe Dake is a senior here at St. Dominic High School. She is very involved with school activities such as: Ambassadors, Music inc., Chamber Choir, A.D., Mock Trial, Theatre, and a leader of the Marvel Club. Outside of school, you can probably find her hanging out with her family and friends or re-watching all of the Marvel movies.

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